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2021 BHS Marching Band Presentation

Past Shows



Our 2023 show, titled “Seven,” explores the Seven Deadly Sins.  Listen for the insistent clang of greed, queasy gluttony, the ticking clock of sloth, the car chase of  Envy, sultry Lust, furious Anger, defiant Pride, finally overcome by simple and powerful Joy.

4th Overall, 2nd Place - "A" Division

Everett Puget Sound Festival of Bands




Greek and Roman mythology has entranced hundreds of generations in it's epic narratives of gods, heroes and landscapes. Encompassing moral, natural, and spiritual consequence, the gods of Olympus reigned supreme over daily life for centuries. Our production, "Olympus," brings to life the soaring melodies and spiraling harmonies of the Mediterranean through three movements, Poseidon, Aphrodite, and Zeus.

3rd Place - "A" Division. 

Auburn Veterans Day Field Show Competition



The Fabric of Time

Since the dawn of humanity, we’ve been ruled by the changing of the seasons and our own sense of mortality.  Throughout western civilization, we’ve been ruled by the timely demands of others.  Deadlines, stressors, obligations, and more.

In essence, TIME has worked its way into the very fabric of humanity.

Today’s show, titled “The Fabric of Time,” is an exploration of our relationship with the clock.  Imagine an intricate grandfather’s clock, the melting of time in one of Salvador Dali’s famous paintings, and for our finale, the clock on fire.

We hope you enjoy our performance of our 2021 production, “The Fabric of Time!”.

4th Place - "A" Division.

Nawburn competition at Eastside Catholic




The Spartan Marching Band is proud to present their 2019 field production, Tarot. 

With a printed tradition dating back six centuries, and an oral history rooted much earlier, the Tarot have aided countless people in their quests to better understand the mysterious world we all live in.  Put simply, the Tarot is a collection of 78 cards that represent 78 universally recognizable archetypes.  We see these archetypes everyday in regular life; strength, justice, the moon, the fool, the magician...  These are things we all recognize.  Tonight’s performance will feature a typical three card reading.  Each card can present in both positive and negative polarities, so be mindful that “things aren’t always as they seem,” “what goes around comes around,” and “everything happens for a reason.”

In the end, the Tarot work best when you ask them the question they are best at answering, and that is, “What do I need to know about myself, right now?”

2nd Place - "AA" Division. 

Auburn Veterans Day Field Show Competition. 




The 2018 Spartan Marching Band's show is set in an old west mining town, where a viscous mining corporation has total power over a downtrodden labor force.  That all changes when one of the miners finds a golden nugget large enough to reverse everyone's misfortunes. After a brief celebration, the mining barons find the gold and rip it away from the happy miners.  Crestfallen, the miners regroup and get back to work, but having tasted economic freedom, their malcontent leads to an uprising. Their fate awaits you at the end of the show. We hope you enjoy, "Wanted! 

3rd Place - "AA" Division.

Auburn Veterans Day Field Show Competition



Conan the Barbarian

The Bainbridge Spartan Marching Band is proud to bring the music of Conan the Barbarian to the field in 2017. The 1982 film staring Arnold Schwarzenegger sets the story of boyhood revenge to a breathtaking soundtrack and beautiful cinematography. I think Conan sets the mood best, "Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, or why we died. All that matters is that two stood against many. That's what's important! Valor pleases you, Crom... so grant me one request. Grant me revenge!"

4th Place - "AA" Division. 

Auburn Veterans Day Field Show Competition



Murder Mystery

The Story of a Madman

"Murder Mystery" is a tale of the unexpected and tragic.  When the band witnesses a terrible crime at the beginning of our show, we begin to follow the investigation as it ensues.  The first movement sets the stage for development throughout the rest of the show.  We have a plurality of characters bring presented.  A murder.  A detective.  A figure of innocence and goodness.  The pull of darkness.  And ultimately, a murderer as well.  In the end though, we learn what we've suspected the entire time; that evil lurks under our very own noses.  Mwahahaha.....

1st Place - "A" Division. 

Auburn Veterans Day Field Show Competition



The Crush

Bainbridge High School's 2015 production, "The Crush," is an epic setting for the marching field of the emotions we all begin learning to navigate in our adolescence.  Two excerpts from Tchaikovsky's Romeo & Juliet separate "Maria" from Bernstein's West Side Story, and "Lonely Boy" by Andrew Gold.  All meant in good fun, our show explores some beautiful music penned by two of the greatest composers who ever lived, while reminding us that even though we often have dramatic chapters to go through, with care and patience, things generally work out as we grow over time.  The Spartan Band wants to thank the organizers of this event, our community back home, the volunteers and audience members here with us today, and hopes you enjoy our performance of this year's show, "The Crush."

1st Place - "A" Division. 

Auburn Veterans Day Field Show Competition



Monster on the Mountain

With "Monster on the Mountain," Bainbridge High School is excited to bring a tale of the struggle within to the marching field.  Pairing music from Edward Grieg's famous Peer Gynt Suite along side selections from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, the audience is sure to recognize some great melodies in this unique setting.  A familiar and beautiful prologue sets the stage, which quickly gives way to a the happy churning of everyday life.  The beast is revealed next through Grieg's infamous composition, "In the Hall of the Mountain King."  Jay Dawson's exciting arrangement shows us that, in reality, no one is "completely" safe.  Aase's Death portrays the realization that each of us are actually very our OWN worst enemy.  This story has no villain, because the ultimate struggle occurs each and every day, from our own shortcomings.  With this realization, comes the truth that we are capable of choosing our own paths, that each of us are capable of greatness, if we open our eyes and work at it.  The Finale is our journey through that self discovery.  Enjoy.

1st Place - "A" Division.

 Auburn Veterans Day Field Show Competition



Star Trek

Traditions & Shadows

The Bainbridge Island Spartan Marching Band is proud to present their 2013 production, “STAR TREK: Traditions and Shadows!” Pulling from themes both new and old, this show aims to boldly go, where no marching band show has gone before!! Loyal Star Trek fans will be sure to notice music from the original Star Trek TV series, The Next Generation TV series, and the new blockbuster movie hits. Our ballad is Saturn, from Gustav Holst’s symphonic suite, The Planets. The astute listener will also notice elements of Mars placed throughout the background parts of our opener, as well as sprinkles of Jupiter hidden deep within our closer. So, hang on to your Tribbles, and prepare for Warp Speed. We hope you enjoy the show.

2nd Place - "A" Division. 

Auburn Veterans Day Field Show Competition



The Incredibles

The award winning Bainbridge High School Band Program is proud to bring their 2012 production, "The Incredibles" to today's competition. Recently, BHS Bands have earned several distinctions, including sending ten students to Washington DC last January as part of a White House initiated workshop on the blues. Their color guard has risen to several high finishes in regional WGI competitions in recent years, including a state championship in 2010. The Bainbridge Marching Band has had recent success as well, including earning the “A” Division 1st place honors at the 2012 Peninsula Classic Marching Band Competition. The entire program is currently finalizing plans for a spring trip to San Francisco in 2013, and looks forward to sharing many more accomplishments in the future. We hope you enjoy the show, and always remember... "NO CAPES!!"

1st Place - "A" Division.

 Auburn Veterans Day Field Show Competition