Jazz Collective

Course Description

Jazz Band is the umbrella course title for BHS' Jazz Band 1, Jazz Band 2, and all our small jazz ensembles.  Placement within these subgroups can be fluid, based on each student's schedule and ability level.  Attendance at rehearsals and required performances is mandatory.  As this course meets at 7:45 AM; students are required to arrange for their own transportation to make daily rehearsals.  Some students will need to pay a maintenance fee for using a school owned instrument.  Co-enrollment in another credited band course is a requirement for participating in Jazz Band.

Jazz One

Our advanced big band is a two time sweepstakes winner at the Viking Jazz Festival ('17 & '18), and a veteran finalist at both the Viking Jazz Fest and the Bellevue High School Jazz Fest.  The group celebrated it's first ever audition for the Essential Ellington Competition in 2020.  Placement into Jazz One is by audition only, and instrumentation is limited to that of a standard jazz band.  Attendance is five days a week.

Jazz Two

Our intermediate jazz band meets three days a week, varries in enrollment from year to year, and is open to all instruments.

Jazz9 & Other Combos

Our advanced jazz combo is names Jazz9, and is comprised of our Jazz One rhythm section and top soloists.  This group gets several paying gigs each yearJazz9 has performed as part of KNKX's School of Jazz program, recording in their Seattle studio.

Spartan Brass Band

Our New Orleans Brass Band is styled after the Rebirth Brass Band, Lucky Chops, and many other important bands that have carried tradidtional New Orleans jazz into the 21st century.  We do covers, and have a few originals.  Membership includes jazz members not in Jazz9, and others who want to do jazz at BHS, but can only committ to one day a week.