Tri-M Membership

With roots as far back as 1934, Tri-M is the country’s only National Music Honors Society.  The National Association for Music Education (NAfME) is proud to support music programs all over the country in their efforts to create outstanding young musicians who understand the value of community.

The Bainbridge High School Tri-M Chapter was founded in 2017, and serves to quantify our goals for developing a program centered on Pride, Ownership, Warmth, Excellence and Respect.

"Everyone Helps Everyone"

Pride. Ownership. Warmth. Excellence. Respect.


Tri-M Leadership is determined through student elections and faculty interviews in the spring.  The application process is arduous, but it is worth it!

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The more band members that choose to become Tri-M members, the better our band will be.  Joining is easy.  Here are the requirements:


Everyone enjoys being on a team where everyone has bought in on a unified team goal.  Tri-M helps us come together would shared goals of Spartan POWER.  Everyone benefits when everyone steps up.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Joining Tri-M is a small step in helping craft a more inclusive and vibrant band community.


Our Tri-M membership is charged with helping promote an energized and positive band culture, organizing quarterly band bonding events, and  heading an annual community fundraiser.

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