Honors Program

You can graduate with honors in music.

Here's how:

Our lettering program is an important part of band at BHS.  The more students who letter each year, the better the band is, and the more fun it is.  Lettering is a good way to show your committment and acheivement in music while you're in high school.  You can letter each year in band if you plan ahead and prioritize!

Participating in our regional and state Solo & Ensemble contest can be one of the most rewarding experiences possible for high school music students.  Working up a solo or a chamber music performance is daunting, but oh so worth it!

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Imagine being in a band of 150 members, where each musician is one of the top players in their band program, where everyone is completely dedicated to making great music over the course of one very hard core weekend working with a famous college or professional level conductor. This is the reality honor band participants live.

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Starting for the class of 2020

*Special exception: 4+ Stars, AND 4 years MB or JB

Honors with Distinction

Starting for the class of 2021

"Graduating with Merit in Music"

"Graduating with Honors in Music"

"Graduating with Honors and Distinction in Music"