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Sponcor Letter (to follow)

Job Descriptions

Before the Festival

Gather Sponsors

[Around Town in Advance]

Help find private and business sponsors from Bainbridge Island businesses.  Advertisers and donors can have their names and logos in the programs, on posters, on the website, and in print in person at the event, or any combination of the above that fits their needs.

[Sample Sponcor Letter]


[Online & Around Town in Advance]

Hang posters and get the word out about our finals concert.  We can sell 200+ tickets, which will go a long way towards helping to cover our jazz expenses for the year.


Set Up

[BHS the Day Before]

Mr Thomas needs help from about 10 sturdy individuals Friday afternoon to help set up each room the festival will be using this year.

[Hopefully 4-6pm]

During the Festival Day

Check In Booth & Volunteer Coordinator

[Theater Foyer]

An adult or student is needed at all hours of the festival to welcome groups to the Commons, hand them their Day Of packet, assign volunteers to specific roles, and answer questions.  Materials needed for this job:

Concessions (Optional)

[Theater Foyer]

If the boosters want to run any concessions, an adult will be needed to take payments.  The booth will need a cash box, starting cash, and the cashier will need some time to get set up on Square.

This position can be combined with the Check-In Booth.

Storage Monitor

[Check schedule for location]

A student is needed to monitor the library, which will be serving as our festival luggage room.

Stage & Guest Artist Host


A student is needed to help get student groups onto the stage on time, let them know to announce themselves, and make sure the guest artists have everything they need throughout the day, this includes sharpened pencils, enough adjudication forms, and taking their coffee and lunch orders once they are settled at the beginning of the day.

Audio & Equipment Tech


An experienced student or adult is needed to help with microphones, drumset, amp, and sound levels throughout the student performances.  Please ensure microphones are in position for each group, and that student horn players know to play into them.  This person will also monitor microphone levels throughout the day, so everything sounds good.

Room Monitors

[Upstairs 200 building]

A student is needed throught the day to help make sure each student group gets into and out of their rooms on time, and that each room is treated respectfully.

Before & During the Finals Concert

Ticket Booth

[Theater Foyer]

Two adults are needed to sell tickets and monitor the door before the finals concert.  Some time to get set up on Square is needed.

Clean Up

[Upstairs 200 Building]

Clean up of the warm-up and clinic rooms can begin during the finals concert.

After the Festival

Clean Up


Many hands make light work.  About ten sturdy people are needed to split up into teams of 2-3 to clean up each room used, and to make sure that all the classrooms are left exactly as they were before the festival.  A few people need to return desks to their original place, and 1-2 people need to help put the band room back into working order.