Job Descriptions

Set Up


Mr Thomas needs help from 5-6 sturdy individuals Friday afternoon and evening to help set up the storage room, two warm-up rooms, performance stage, and two clinic rooms.

Check In Booth

[Commons Foyer]

An adult or student is needed at all hours of the festival to welcome groups to the Commons, and hand them their Day Of packet. The check-in booth also points groups to the storage room, and then upstairs to their warm-up room & clinic rooms. The "Day Of" packet includes:

  1. Performance Info Form (to be completed and given to the adjudicators before performance)

  2. Festival Schedule


[Commons Foyer]

An adult is needed to run the concession stand. Extra time to get acquainted with the Square App will be needed. A cash box and change will be needed in the morning.

Storage Monitor


An adult or student is needed to monitor the library, which will be serving as our festival luggage room.

Warm-up Hosts

[Rooms 237 & 233]

These volunteers help each performing group get into their warm-up room and back down to the commons with a few minutes to spare before their performance.

Stage Host

[Commons Floor]

This position is charged with helping each group set up on stage, announcing their school and ensemble name, helping them off stage, and pointing them towards their clinician.

Adjudicator's Clerk

[Commons Loft]

The adjudicator's have to sit for hours and evaluate each group equally. If they need a pencil sharpened, some extra paper, a coffee, or anything else, the adjudicator clerk needs to be right on it!

Clinic Hosts

[238 & 234]

The clinic hosts welcome performers and clinicians to their correct clinic room, and help them wrap up in time, so the adjudicators are back in position for their next group to watch in the commons.

Ticket Booth

[Commons Foyer]

This is a position for adults in the commons foyer. Time before one's shift to set up a Square account is needed.

Clean Up


Many hands make for light work. With the commons, four classrooms, and the library to reset, we'll need loads of volunteers to help put the campus back in order after the festival concludes.