Hello 8th grade families and students new to Bainbridge! 

We are so excited to welcome you to band at Bainbridge High School.  We're glad you found this page.  Please give these materials a once over, and reach out to Mr Thomas with any questions you have. cthomas@bisd303.org 

2020 8th grade band packet.pdf

New Student Packet

Download this packet to see how hundreds of other students have managed to participate in our award winning program, while still meeting graduation requirements and heading off to do great things in life after high school and college.

SOURCES- State Board of Ed Requirements- BISD
2020 HS band packet.pdf

Current Student Packet

Download this packet if you're a returning band member and just want to remember the credit requirements and special waivers available to band members.

SOURCES- State Board of Ed Requirements- BISD


What we have to offer!

Winds & Percussion

We have three wind bands and a percussion ensemble at BHS. Concert Band is our 9th grade band. Symphonic Band is our Intermediate Band. Wind Ensemble is our advanced band. Our Percussion Ensemble is for all our percussionists. Visit the Winds & Percussion page for more information, including on how placements are done.

- Wind Band Awards

Jazz Bands

We are fortunate to have two jazz bands at BHS. Jazz Band One is our premier ensemble. It has a standard instrumentation, and is by audition only. Jazz Band Two is a larger group with no cuts that is open to any instrument. Visit the Jazz Collective page for more information, including on how placements are done.

- Jazz Awards

Marching Band

We have a competitive marching band that travels to three competitions each year, in addition to performing at home football games and other local events.  Visit the Marching Band page for more information on our program, including how to register!

- Marching Band Awards


We regularly have the highest participation in chamber music in our county, and have multiple active jazz groups operating outside of our big bands.  Our New Orleans style brass band is our undercover favorite part of the band program.

- Chamber Music- Regional Awards- State Awards

Band Commercials!

Coming soon... Stay tuned!