Jazz Collective

Two Big Bands & Much More

  • Jazz Band One is an auditioned ensemble. We rehearse 4-5 days a week, and perform and compete regularly.
  • Jazz Band Two is a no cut ensemble that also performs and competes regularly. Jazz Two rehearses 3 times a week.
  • Jazz9 is our auditioned jazz combo. Jazz9 rehearses on Friday mornings and performs several times during the year. Jazz9 consists of our Jazz One rhythm section, and top four or five soloists.
  • Spartan Brass Band is a Friday morning, New Orleans street band inspired ensemble that includes every brass and percussion player in our jazz program not in Jazz9, as well as some extra reed players. The Spartan Brass Band plays at several community functions, our concerts, and some other events throughout the year.

Course Description

Jazz Band is the umbrella course title for BHS' Jazz Band 1, Jazz Band 2, and all our small jazz ensembles. Placement within these subgroups can be fluid, based on each student's schedule and ability level. Attendance at rehearsals and required performances is mandatory. As this course meets at 7:30 AM, students cannot rely on BISD buses to get them to class on time; students are expected to make alternative plans to ensure regular and timely attendance. There is a $5 annual uniform fee for the course, and some students will need to pay an additional maintenance fee for using a school owned instrument. Co-enrollment in another credited band course is a requirement for participating in Jazz Band

Jazz Camps

For students who want more jazz instruction, there are a number of outstanding summer jazz camps in the Pacific Northwest. At these camps, students typically are split into different ensembles, and spend time in rehearsals, masterclasses, and performances. Take a look at our Student Enrichment page for a few listings.

Course Length

Students in any band class are asked to commit to the entire academic year.


Please refer to the Band Handbook for an updated fee description.