Event Basics

Registration & Scheduling Information

  • Registration period opens in the spring.
  • If you want to join our mailing list, click here.
    • Performances times are assigned based on order of enrollment.
    • Registration and payment do not need to occur at the same time.
    • Groups that pay late might be dropped for a group wait-listed.
  • Payments are due October 1st
  • Schedules will be released November 1st
  • Here's a link to the schedule.

Prelims Information

  • Admission to preliminary performances is free and open to the public
  • Check-in 30 minutes before warm-up
  • Each group will be assigned a designated storage area
    • Although a festival volunteer will watch the room throughout the day, the Bainbridge High School Band Booster, members, staff, or BISD assume any liability for lost or damaged goods or equipment.
  • 30 minute warm-up
  • 15 minutes on stage
  • 30 minute off stage clinic
  • 15 minute group picture appointment (pending)
  • Finalists will be announced 30 minutes after the completion of each division

Finals Information

All is subject to adjustments deemed appropriate by the festival adjudicators.

Finals Lineup

  • 7:00 - Bainbridge Jazz9 (in exhibition)
  • 7:10 - Festival finalist combos (3-5 groups)
  • 8:00 - Guest Artist Concert (approximate)
  • 8:45 - Outstanding Soloists perform with Guest Artist
  • 9:00 - Final Awards Ceremony

The judges will select up to 5 competing combos for finals performances, although they may select as few as 3. The structure of finals will depend on the results from the day. The festival will supply plaques for the top three finalists.

  • Each ensemble that registers for the festival will be granted free admission to the finals concert (all students, staff, and one chaperone. This is a fundraiser, so we do appreciate additional guests purchasing concert tickets. Thank you.)

Festival Rules


  • Groups should be combo-esque (roughly 3-10 members)
  • Use your best judgement, but this is not a festival for big bands (or small big bands)
  • Combos should feature all (or nearly all) of their members on solos

Literature Selections

  • Lead sheets
  • The Real Book
  • The Real Easy Book
  • Originals
  • Play the head and let the musicians work it out. This is a festival for chops - not for fancy arrangements.
  • Don't play a big band arrangement with missing parts.
  • The bulk of each performance should be improvisation; live interaction between soloists and rhythm section.

Rules for Finals

  • Finals groups will have up to 10 minutes on stage, INCLUDING getting on and off stage.
  • Finals groups may perform a work they performed earlier in the day, or something new.
  • Student groups performing in finals must be made up of members from one school (no all-star groups).
  • Schools that send more than one group to the festival may not have more than one group in finals.

Special rule for groups not affiliated with a school

After school groups not associated with their school music programs MAY register for the festival as prelims alternates. If there is still room in the festival in the fall, they will be added to the official schedule. If there is a viable division in these registrations, there will be an addition to the finals lineup. Any non-school related group that performs at finals must be made entirely of students that are also participating in their school jazz programs - so long as they have a jazz program at their school (of any kind) to be enrolled in.

Divisions & Cost

  • Middle Schools & Junior High Schools (6th - 9th grade groups) - [$150 registration]
  • High Schools - [$150 registration]
  • Community Groups - [$150 registration, prelims only]
  • Non-School Related Student Groups - [$150 registration]



  • Click HERE for the scoring rubric.
  • We've kept the scoring categories fairly broad, in an effort to allow the adjudicators to adjust their feedback to each band as they see fit. Let us know if you have concerns (far in advance), and we'll will consider improvements to the scoring system.


  • Judging at finals will be done by two of the festival adjudicators. All decisions are final.


Please bring your own:

  • Sticks
  • Mallets
  • Instrument cables

The following will be provided:

Warm-up rooms:

  • Guitar amp
  • Bass amp
  • Piano (acoustic or electric)
  • Drum set
  • Vibes
  • 8 music stands


  • PA with about 4 solo microphones
  • Guitar amp
  • Nord Piano 2
  • Bass amp
  • Drum set
  • Vibes
  • 8 music stands

Clinic Rooms:

  • Guitar amp
  • Bass amp
  • Piano (acoustic or electric)
  • Drum set
  • Vibes
  • 8 music stands

Taking the Ferry?

If you are coming to our festival via the WSDOT ferry, be sure to print an "Authorization Letter" in your school letterhead to get a massive discount on passenger fares.

Your district might have a card for ferry travel. If not, make sure you plan for the vehicle fares prior to the event.

Other Details


Parking at Bainbridge High School on Saturdays is free and first come, first served. There is a loading and unloading near the performing and check in areas on Martin Luther King Lane, which is off of High School Road.


There are several local food establishments within walking distance of Bainbridge High School. That being said, we are working on some sweet on campus options for 2018.


More information to come...

Instrument Repair

The festival won't have a repair technician on site.


Ted Brown Music will make sure each group gets a quality recording of their performances.

Judges tapes or written commentary will also be provided.