Percussion Ensemble

Course Length & Credit Value
  • 1 year / 1 credit

Annual Fees
  • $25 Uniform maintenance fee (everyone)
  • $75 School instrument maintenance fee (everyone)

  • Middle school band or instructor permission (

Course Description
Percussion Ensemble is a unique 9th - 12th grade learning community for all of BHS' percussionists.  In this class, we work through a variety of technique programs and performance literature to become ultimately well rounded concert percussionists who are ready for the demands of being a concert percussionist either in college (as a music major, minor, or non-major) or in the community.  Percussionists in this class will join with the school's wind classes for performances, but will also work independently to prepare a variety of solo and chamber music for performance and/or assessment. Attendance at all assigned performances is required.  There is a $25 annual uniform fee and a $75 school instrument maintenance fee for this course.  Marching Band and the spring trip are optional for Percussion Ensemble members.

Credit Information
  • Part of Percussion Ensemble - read description

Annual Fees
  • See Percussion Ensemble fees
  • See (optional) Marching Band fees

  • Instructor permission (

Drumline is part of the Percussion Ensemble curriculum.  The BHS Drumline exists in a couple different capacities throughout the year; first as an auditioned, extra-curricular group connected with our competitive marching band in the fall.  This group auditions in the spring for the upcoming year, and participates in the competitive marching band season (including our home football games).  Later in the year, the drumline becomes part of our broader Percussion Ensemble curriculum, by not only preparing stadium grooves and pep band charts for basketball games, but depending on personnel, also working up a basic indoor field show for a public performance.