Jazz Band

Course Length & Credit Value
  • 1 year / 1 credit (zero hour course - 7:30 AM downbeat)

Annual Fees
  • $5 Uniform maintenance fee (everyone)
  • School instrument maintenance fee (if applicable)
    • $75 for the year's use
    • $40 for a semester's use
    • $20 for a try out period

  • Co-enrollment in another credited band course
  • Audition and Interview
  • Enrollment is done after placements are held during the first two weeks of the fall.  All interested students should report to the band room at 7:30 AM on the first day of zero period in the fall.  Students who are interested in joining thereafter should contact the instructor to schedule a preliminary interview.

Course Description
Jazz Band is the umbrella course title for BHS' Jazz Band 1, Jazz Band 2, and Jazz Combos.  Placement within these subgroups can be fluid, based on each student's schedule and ability level.  Attendance at rehearsals and required performances is mandatory.  As this course meets at 7:30 AM, students cannot rely on BISD buses to get them to class on time; students are expected to make alternative plans to ensure regular and timely attendance.  There is a $5 annual uniform fee for the course, and some students will need to pay an additional maintenance fee for using a school owned instrument.  Co-enrollment in another credited band course is a requirement for participating in Jazz Band.

Jazz Camps

For students who want more jazz instruction, there are a number of outstanding summer jazz camps in the Pacific Northwest.  At these camps, students typically are split into different ensembles, and spend time in rehearsals, masterclasses, and performances.  Take a look at our Student Enrichment page for a few listings.

Auditions (or placements) take place during the first two weeks of the year - during zero period.  Come check it out if you are interested.  It's a friendly process.  We work through some audition music as a group for a few days, and then meet as sections to work through placements after people are generally comfortable with the materials.  After auditions are over, rosters are announced.  Thereafter, players can "challenge" into higher placements after each major performance unit. Just let Mr. Thomas know who you would like to challenge with a few weeks notice.  New students who wish to join the jazz program after auditions are over just need to talk to Mr. Thomas; he will help you get started.

Jazz Band 1

Typical Weekly Schedule
 Monday Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
RehearsalRehearsalRehearsal (LGI)Rehearsal>Combo<

Jazz Band 2

Typical Weekly Schedule
MondayTuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 
>OFF<>Combo<RehearsalRehearsal (LGI)Rehearsal


Combos run for three weeks straight (instead of big band rehearsals) during two periods in the year.  The first combo intensive is after the first big band concert (basically covering December), and the second combo intensive runs after the Swing Dance, spanning most of February.  Both combo units conclude with a combo recital.  Combos are open to anyone in band, and required for jazz band members.

In addition to those two combo units, each band will form a combo involving their rhythm section and a few horn players from that band that want extra experience learning to solo.  These band specific combos will rehearse during one of their band's off days.

Consult the band calendar for a complete listing of rehearsals.