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Graduation Requirements

Sometimes it's tough to fit band into your schedule, but it's completely doable.  If you have a good attitude, like making music, and like being in a class with your band friends every semester, it will definitely be worth sticking with.  BHS has some great academic counselors.  If you aren't currently signed up for band, send your a counselor an email, and they will be happy to help you figure out the best schedule to fit your needs.  CC me on your message as well, and I will help make sure your message doesn't fall through the cracks.


 A-D Adam Ward  award@bisd303.org 780-1259
 E-K Nicole Bakker
 nbakker@bisd303.org 780-1359
 L-Q Lauren D'Amico
 R-Z Jamie Walter jkwalter@bisd303.org 780-1376
 Band Chris Thomas  cthomas@bisd303.org email is faster

Band and Arts Credit Information & Graduation Requirements

 If You Take...You Get... What's Required...
 2 Semesters of Band* 2 Semesters of Fine Arts Credits 2 Semesters of Fine Arts.  Any visual or performance based arts  course will satisfy this requirement.
 6 Semesters of Band*  1 Semester of CTE 2 Semesters of CTE 
 5 Semesters of Jazz Band 1 Semester of CTE 2 Semesters of CTE
 2 Years of Marching Band 1 Semester PE Waiver** 3 semesters of PE in addition to 1 semester of Health

*   Band (in this context) is short for our four core band classes - Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony, and Percussion Ensemble.
** Students can waive up to two semesters of PE by participating in organized sports at BHS.  They can also earn up to two PE waivers for participating in four years of marching band.  These waivers may be combined to waive all three semester PE requirements.  Health, however, cannot be waived.

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